Daniela de Oliveira

Talentum Schools by Telefónica

UX/UI Project | 2 UX designers: Belén Navarro and Daniela de Oliveira

Education and Technology

A project designed to help developing the digital vocation in children and teenagers through innovative courses. The program offers online and offline clases, however its main goal consists in taking mentors to schools in order to teach kids how to master a variety of digital programs, such as Pixlr or Scratch.

Talentum School's current webpage is too old in terms of design and does not provide good usability to the user, so the challenge implied to find a better solution to improve the user experience of the site.
Our redesign captured the essence of the brand in terms of UI and offers a positive user flow to any user, which could be the parents, institutions and of course, the kids.

First of all, we made an analysis of the previous webpage, which had tons of usability issues. We wrote a whole document to point out the pain points with an explanation of why those don't work. Some of the topics we mentioned were:

- Delete of the automatic sound;
- Make it responsive;
- Don't hide information on hovers;
- Add controls to the videos;
- Make the classes section's flow easier for navigation.

Besides those, we also made a couple of new proposals to add to the website.